A Special Message on the December 5th Letter Writting Event

Dear Open Vault Disney Members,

This year has been a good year for us in many ways.  When we started last year, I never could have imagined that we’d have found the support we have now, or found so much hope for things to come.

While myself and the entire staff thank you for that support, regardless if it is “Liking” the Facebook page or “Tweeting” on the Twitter account or visiting our web site, we need to ask all of you for a little more help.  While all of that is important (the support on all of the above helps to show Disney how strong our campaign is), we seem to be short on one of the most vital aspects of our campaign: the letter writing part of it.

Sending letters to Disney is vital.  The more of you that write to the addresses we ask you to, the more seriously Disney Home Entertainment will take us and actually serious look into releasing the titles we are campaigning for.  If only a few of you actually write to them, the odds are heavily in favor of us not succeeding in our goals, which means no more release for titles like “DuckTales,” “The Muppet Show,” or a host of other unreleased, yet desired titles by you the fans.  In this way, YOU the Open Vault Disney member dictate the fate of this campaign and it’s goals.

The whole idea behind Open Vault Disney in the first place was that if all of us Disney fans ban together, then and only then would our favorite entertainment company listen to us the fans and release the title we’d like to see released.  But please never feel like your efforts are in vain.

Now, we understand that not all of you are able to write letters, and we have and will keep having e-mail events as well.  But, that said, there is a power associated with hand written letters that e-mail just does not posses.  With this our last letter writing event coming up, we choose the date we did on purpose as it will be the 110th anniversary of the birth of Walt Disney, and as a result, want this one to be special.  It also marks about 10 years since the “Walt Disney Treasures” started and 2 years since the last wave of that collection was released.

These are important milestones for us and we hope, we in fact ask you each humbly, if you only write one letter this year, please make it this one.  Please, let this be a birthday gift for Walt Disney.  The gift of standing up for the kind of quality entertainment he himself established.

We want you each to know that we are working hard for each of you.  We are honored to run this campaign, and you can bet that each member of this staff feels that way.  We wish to thank everyone who has gone that extra mile and sent out letters and e-mails all along, and all of you who stand by us and support these efforts.  We wish each of you a wonderful Holiday Season and from the bottom of all of our hearts, thank you once again.  We hope we can count on each of you to send those letters this coming Monday.

-Jason Schlierman

Head Admin, Open Vault Disney

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