Wanted: International Volunteers

An open letter to International Open Vault Disney fans.

We’ve been noticing here at Open Vault Disney something very peculiar for a while now.  Despite the fact that we’ve been focusing our efforts on getting Disney titles release in the US and Canada (Regions 1 and A for DVD and Blu-ray), there seems to be a very large following outside of these two countries.  On our Facebook page and here on our website/ blog, people have been visiting us in surprisingly large numbers from such places as India, France and Serbia.  Not as surprising, we’ve had a rather large following from the UK, Australia and New Zealand.  We’ve also had a rather descent following from places like Germany, Japan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Malaysia, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Mexico, nations in the Middle East and Venezuela to name just a few.

We are really touched that our message of getting the various classic Disney shows and films never before released on DVD have carried all over the world, and firmly believe it goes to show that Walt Disney’s entertainment genius truly does resonate with everyone.  While we are still mindful that we need some bigger successes here in the US, we are interested in possibly extending our cause a bit more to these other nations.

Here is the thing: being as the Head Admin and current Assistant Admin here at Open Vault Disney are all in the US, while we do our best, it is not easy to keep up all the time with DVD and Blu-ray releases in out countries.  So, we can’t have too much of a serious push in any non-Region 1 nations without someone from each nation stepping up and joining our Admin team.  These people would help us compile lists of what has been released in the various nations, they would help keep us up-to-date on future releases in those nations, help us find Disney contact info for the various nations, and lastly, help to spread this campaign to other Disney fans in the various nations.  We would also prefer any international contacts know some English.  However, we may be able to get around that issue as someone willing to work hard is more important.  Please e-mail us if you are interested.

If individuals from the various other nations of the World are willing to heed the call of Disney fandom and join our team, we’d love to extend, even a little bit, our campaign efforts more to non-Region 1 countries.  If we can’t find people willing to do this, while we’ll do our best to be accommodating to international Disney fans, we won’t be able to do to much, which would be most unfortunate.  We look forward to working with others from around the World, and continue to make a large push here in the US and Canada in getting unreleased Disney classics on DVD.

-Jason Schlierman
Head Admin, Open Vault Disney

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