Our “DuckTales” petition hits 200 signatures!

While it still has a long road to travel, we are very excited to announce that our first petition on Change.org, for the popular Disney cartoon DuckTales, has just crossed the 200 signature threshold.  We want to thank everyone who has signed this petition so far, and ask once again that those who have not yet had a chance to sign, to please support this petition with a signature, and for those who have, to please pass it on to as many other fans as you can.

You can find the petition HERE or better yet, look for the 6th Birthday Bash post (and future Birthday Bash post for this petition) on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and share this petition that way for your chance to enter our contest.  Let’s all work hard and hit the next 200 signature a little faster then the first 200.  Disney needs to see how much support there still is for this show, and we are counting on all of you to help show it!  So let’s go!

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