Top 10 Countdown – Summer 2012

It’s summer and the days are hot, but the newest Top 10 Countdown is hotter!  This month, a few titles re-enters the Countdown and it’s a very Muppet Countdown.  Presenting each month: the 10 unreleased Disney titles YOU the members want to see released on DVD the most.

Votes are based on polls on our Top 10 Countdown polls found HERE each month.  We add up the new votes each month out of the top 60 titles asked for, and the top 10 titles are featured each month here in the Top 10 Countdown as well as featured in our campaigning efforts.  Don’t see a title you really want to see released on here? Let us know by casting a vote.  Have a question about the Countdown?  Feel free to e-mail us or just leave a response down below.  Who knows, your title may be listed next time on the Open Vault Disney Top 10 Countdown!

NOTE: Until our new web site is up and running, this will be the last Countdown for a while.  But, it will be back soon.

(Entering the Countdown) 10.) The Muppets at Walt Disney WorldAiring on NBC on May 6, 1990, this particular special is well noted as Jim Henson’s last Muppet project (he passed away 10 days later).  It is also noted for being the first major cross over between the Muppets and Disney.  Sadly despite the Muppets being owned by Disney today, this special has never seen the light of day on DVD.

(Re-Entering the Countdown) Tied for 8.) Goof Troop – Staring Disney favorite Goofy, Goof Troop followed the adventures of Goofy and his 11-year-old son Max. Originally airing as part of The Disney Afternoon, Goof Troop had 79 episodes made. Sadly, only three of them have made it to DVD so far, with a fourth being sold as a Disney Movie Club Exclusive title.

(Re-Entering the Countdown) Tied for 8.) Muppet Babies – Based on a scene from the popular Muppet film, The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984), Muppet Babies lasted 8 seasons and was one of the most popular animated tv shows in the 80′s and early 90′s.  It has had a few VHS releases during that time, but has not been seen since, definitely not on DVD.

(Moving up three spots) 7.) Gargoyles (Season 2, Vol. 2 and Season 3) – In 1994, the syndicated block of Disney animated shows known as “The Disney Afternoon” debuted a little known show entitled Gargoyles.  It has gone on to be one of the biggest Disney cartoon shows ever produced with a fan base to rival most other fantasy/ sci fi shows.  Disney released a few episodes on VHS back in the 90′s and then started releasing the full show in 2005, stopping at the first half of the second season.   The second half of season two and The Goliath Chronicles, known by some simply as season three, have yet to be released despite the great demand for this show.

(Moving down 4 spots) 6.) The Muppet Show (Seasons 4 and 5) – From 1976 to 1981, master puppeteer Jim Henson brought his Muppets to television each week in The Muppet Show.  The show has been so popular, that it catapulted Kermit, Miss Piggy and the rest of the gang into movies, as well as a number of other tv shows and specials.  Disney acquired the rights to the Muppets in 2004 and had originally released seasons onetwo and three.  Then, despite Disney Home Entertainment announcing season four at the D23 Expo in 2009 for release in 2010, it and season five have yet to be released.

5.) Darkwing Duck (Volume 3) – A spin-off of the hugely popular DuckTalesDarkwing Duck didn’t take long in establishing his own fan base.  Lasting 2 season with 91 episodes, the show has had a few episodes released on VHS, with full volumes sets in 2006 and 2007.  The final 37 episodes that would make up a third (and possibly fourth) final release have yet to come out.

(Moving up four spots) 4.) TaleSpin (Volume 3) – One of the most beloved shows from the late 80′s/ early 90′s syndicated block of animated shows known as “The Disney Afternoon,” TaleSpin stars Baloo of Jungle Book fame as a cargo pilot with his side kick, Kit Cloud Kicker as they have high flying adventures in each episode.  The show started in 1990, with three seasons that made up of 65 episodes.  It has had some VHS releases and more recently, the full series had been stared to be released, with a Volume One and Volume Two in 2006 and 2007.  Eleven episodes have been left unreleased, as well as the movie version of the pilot that included extra animation not made part of the 2006 release.

3.) Song of the South - Despite the controversy and not officially being enjoyed in theaters or on home video/DVD/Blu-ray in the last 20 to 25 years, the Walt Disney Studios once proudly recognized this 1946 classic as one of the crowning jewels in the Walt Disney film crown.  Based on the ‘Uncle Remus’ stories by Joel Chandler Harris, Walt Disney had wanted to make a film based on Harris’ work for a long time before finally bring his version to the big screen in the mid-1940′s.  Set in the post-Civil War South, many took issue with the films portrayal of African-Americans when the film first came out.  25 or so years ago, the Disney Company finally succumbed to the criticism and have not released the film in any home entertainment format in the US or re-released the film in theaters since 1986.  They have however released segments from the film on VHS and DVD in various sing-along-song releases and other compilation features, released the more popular songs (Zip-A-Dee-Do-DaEverybody’s Got a Laughing Place) on compilation CD’s, and based a very popular theme park attraction (Splash Mountain) on the film.  Without question, no unreleased Disney film has been more requested then Song of the South, being asked for each and every Disney shareholders meeting of the last several years (with a break to that tradition in 2012), inspiring fan campaigns, and generating tons of chatter on the internet, all in the hope that Disney may finally release this long over due classic to DVD and/ or Blu-ray.

(Entering the Countdown) 2.) Kim Possible (Seasons 3 and 4) – The longest running Disney Channel Original Series to-date, Kim Possible was a staple of the Disney Channel from 2002 to 2007.  After it was originally cancelled in 2005, a fan campaign to renew the show lead to a fourth, and final season for the show.  Disney has released a number of single disc compilation DVD’s, and as Disney Movie Club Exclusives, the complete season one and two.  Unfortunately, the last two seasons have yet to be released and the first two season are not available anywhere else except thru the DMC.

1.) DuckTales (Volume 4) – Arguably one of the most popular, if not flat out most popular Disney animated show ever created, DuckTales put Disney Television Animation on the map.  Based on the beloved comic books by Carl Barks, DuckTales (1987-1990) went on for 100 episodes in four season.  Disney released a number of episodes on VHS in the 80′s and 90′s and then in 2005, started releasing the full series in 3 Volume sets.  The final 25 episodes that would make up a Volume 4 have yet to be released.

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