We Have Our Winners for the OVD Days of Summer Contest!

We have a pair of winners for our OVD Days of Summer contest!  We want to thank all of you that entered, best of luck next time to those who did not win.  Our two contest winners are…

Joseph La Dow and Mark Lungo!

Congratulations to our two big winners.  As soon as we get in contact with each of you, we’ll make sure you get your “Mickey and Friends” beach ball.  Perfect timing for that last Summer BBQ.  Enjoy!

For the rest of you, please share with us below what you’d like to see in possible future contests.  This is our second one now, and while we’d like to do more, we want to make sure doing more contests A.) helps the overall campaign, B.) has enough participation to make it work, and C.) is fun for everyone involved.  Please, if you have ideas or feed back on the matter, don’t keep it to yourself!  Thanks everyone!

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