Join Our DuckTales Phone Call Event!

DuckTalesCan you believe it’s been 25 years since DuckTales debuted? Neither can we!  But what we can’t believe more is that after 25 years since the show started, the FULL show is still not available to own on DVD!  So, to help rectify this, we are calling on all of you to join us this coming Wednesday, September 26, 2012 to send a phone call to Disney Home Entertainment, and ask for the rest of this show, and whatever other unreleased titles you wish, to finally be released on DVD!

So, here is what we are going to do:

-On 9/26/12, please make a phone call to Disney Home Entertainment.

Their numbers are here:

Walt Disney Home Entertainment (US)
Walt Disney Home Entertainment (UK)
+44 208 222 2707
Walt Disney Home Entertainment (Aus)
(03) 9823 7800

-Then, once you have called, politely explain that you are a member of the Disney fan campaign, Open Vault Disney (VERY IMPORTANT).

-After you have done that, explain how you’d like to see (pick between 3 to 5 titles) on DVD, and explain how with DVD-on-Demand becoming more popular, you don’t understand why these titles have not been released yet.  Don’t feel you need to, but being as this is DuckTales big 25, we ask that you specifically mention the show as one of the titles you list.  Feel free to mention that while you are ok with DVD-on-Demand, that you would prefer a traditional retail release.

-Finally, wrap up your phone call however you see fit, but again remember to be courteous and polite the whole time you are on the phone.  That simple!

Don’t worry if they tell you something like “we have no plans to release (whatever title) at this time,” or if they say anything that could be deemed discouraging.  The point of these phone calls is not to get them to promise the release of any of these titles we are after on the spot, but rather to make sure Disney knows that there is a fan base for these various titles and that they are loosing out on money by not releasing them.

Hopefully, if enough people call, we’ll get that message through.  And please feel free to add any comments down below.  Maybe even let us know how your phone call went after the fact.   Thanks everyone!

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