Head Admin Message: The Future of Open Vault Disney, Part 1

Hey Open Vault Disney members,

I know I just wrote one of these “Head Admin Messages” a few days ago, but much has been going on here at Open Vault Disney, and it is time we all had a talk about this.  Before I go any further, I want to answer questions I have received since my last message, asking if it was a lost cause to ever hope to get Disney to release the rest of the Muppet library.  Many of these individuals seem to feel that if Open Vault Disney isn’t worrying about Muppets anymore, it has to be a lost cause.  I need to stress, such thinking is very far off from reality.  If a group (like ours) were to rise up, gather enough fans (in the tens of thousands at least), and really focused on Muppets, it could happen.  So I want to put this rumor to bed, we did not drop our focus on the Muppets due to there no longer being hope.  It comes down to time and the fact that I just don’t have it for the diverse groups of properties we had been trying to focus on all at once this whole time.

Which leads me to this message.  After a few months of great thinking on where to go with this campaign next, and various things happening behind the scenes, I’ve come to realize for this campaign to ever succeed, we need to make some drastic changes.  To that end, we are going to focus our efforts on Disney Afternoon-era and Walt-era titles.  Further, we will be dividing these two campaigns ultimately into two different sister campaigns under the Open Vault Disney banner.  Our hope is that by doing this, we’ll be able to better focus on specific groups of titles, which will make it easier to campaign for these titles.

Now, there is a catch.  I don’t have time to run two campaigns.  As much as I truly love the “Walt-era,” I have to be honest with myself that my Disney heart-of-hearts will always belong to The Disney Afternoon-era.  So it is an easy choice for me that my personal focus will be more on Disney Afternoon shows.  However, I really want to see the various unreleased Walt-era titles make it to DVD as well.  After all, if it was not for those titles, there would be no Disney today, and I very much feel that the children of today and tomorrow NEED to have these titles in their lives.  I’m just not the best person to run that campaign ultimately is what it comes down to, which is the same for the Muppets.  So, I will continue to do the best I can running both campaigns.  However, after a reasonable amount of time, if there can’t be found someone new to rise up and take over the Walt-era side of the campaign, there will be no choice but to drop it as well and focus purely on The Disney Afternoon-era.

I’ve been asking for someone to become a Co-Admin now for a few days, with no serious interest express.  I realize not every fan has the drive to do what it takes to run a campaign like this.  It’s a lot of hard work and commitment.  However, someone new needs to come forth if that part of the campaign is to continue. Contact us if interested.  I plead with you all, please, someone step up and take this over.  I truly would hate to see it go away.

Now those of you who may have been interested in everything else not covered might wonder, “Where does that leave us?”  I have good news and bad news.  The bad news is, unless one of you decides to start a campaign specific to the area of Disney you are a fan of that has not been discussed, things are not looking so good for you now.  The good news is, no matter what happens or how Open Vault Disney changes, one of our ultimate goals will always be to get the Disney DVD-on-Demand program on the right track, which would have an impact on all things unreleased Disney.  Further, we’ll make sure that our list of Disney Movie Club titles stays up for folks to enjoy, as well as our commitment to make it as easy to contact Disney Home Entertainment as possible.  So please, keep using that service!

As for petitions, we are looking into how to better utilize this tool.  Our specific focus on changes to petition will be for Disney Afternoon-era titles.  However, all the other non-Disney Afternoon-era title petition will stay up.  Please support these petitions for Recess, Zorro, Kim Possible, The Muppet Show, Elfego Baca and The Swamp Fox.  More on future changes so far as Disney Afternoon-era titles very soon hopefully.

So this is where we stand now.  We are in rebuild-mode now, which we expect will a sharper focus to do what we need to do.  We realize some of you may feel the need to part ways with this campaign after reading this.  We apologize if these changes create any inconvenience, and hope most, if not all of you stay with us.  We need all of you to do this.  We have never been more committed to one thing then we are now, and that is to succeed in convincing Disney Home Entertainment to release their unreleased media on DVD.  Thanks again to everyone else for all of your support, I will be sharing more details about where this campaign is going in the coming days, weeks and months, so please stay tuned.  Until then, make sure you send Disney an e-mail right HERE.

-Jason M. Schlierman
Head Admin, Open Vault Disney

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